Yum! Wholesome is What’s For Dinner!

Join us going forward at hunwhatsfordinner.com for an adventure in wholesome reviews, and of course this also means regarding travel and lifestyle as well. A while back, we went fishing (as one example), and it occurred to us that we could have written not only a post about the trip itself, but also how we prepared it. Like, for real, and not some really bad recipe from something like Wiki where half the time I’m convinced that the writer hasn’t actually tried the recipe themselves. For example, I tried a fish recipe from that site twice, and both times it was an epic FAIL.

So, you might find something along those lines here. Or, let’s say someone (maybe a friend or colleague) is using something at the office that I think is really cool. Why not write about it here? Because, if I think it’s cool, maybe you will too. Anyway, we’re still figuring it all out, but I think you get the idea. See you soon, right here.

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